Digital Security

In today's mass publication of security flaws, statutory requirements and audit compliance, a company must ensure it is protected at every opportunity, however this must be balanced with ever reducing financial resources.

At North Beach, we don't keep applying simple fixes, we identify all issues and remediation is taken holistically and with a risk based approach, we apply industry proven vulnerability management techniques, so the budget doesn't have to keep paying high priced staff to do the same job each month.

By injecting secure development practices in the early stages of a project, many of the long term "Total Cost of Ownership" reductions can be realised.

This is done by using tried and tested methods to secure your infrastructure and applications. This is possible even if we have not designed or implemented the solution you currently use. 

Core Digital Security Professional Services

  • Digital security reviews
  • Vulnerability management reviews / advice
  • Policy and procedure advice and creation
  • Digital security infrastructure services¬†